Luxe baby blankets, custom apparel and more for your unique, modern little one



I’m Jennifer, the owner, creator and designer of Nyx and Gray. The company is named after my amazing, hilarious, and imaginative daughter, Sydney Nyx. She has been my life’s greatest adventure. Her sense of wonder, curiosity, and imagination give me so much inspiration. I have found that her imagination is a place where all things magical, wonderful, and whimsical live and where anything is possible. Every day I am delighted to see the world through her eyes and share in her many adventures.

I started Nyx and Gray because I have always been a lover of design, sewing, and handmade quality items. After the birth of my daughter, I realized I wanted items for her that were well-made, well-designed and not mass produced. I had trouble finding quality items with modern designs, so it seemed only natural to start making my own items for her and others who share my passion. My love and knowledge of design, fabrics, and sewing continue to grow every day. I absolutely love the combination of unique, gorgeous prints and high-quality fabrics. I enjoy designing and creating treasured, luxe and modern pieces for babies and children to snuggle and wear.


I put a lot of love and care into every single item and I would be honored to make something for a child in your life. I believe a child’s imagination is something that should be nurtured. With Nyx and Gray your little one will be cozy and comfortable, so they can fill their days with daydreams and wonder.


xo Jennifer